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Hacienda Mexico Luxury and Unique Properties was founded by Keith Heitke to meet a growing need. The real estate boom being experienced throughout Yucatán has only emerged as a force in the last eight years. More and more foreigners ­ with high disposable income who are seeking investment options ­ have discovered the hidden treasure of the region. These "pioneers" have purchased wonderful colonial homes in Mérida and restored them to luxurious detail, or they have built magnificent new mansions on empty properties along the coast.

Whichever the case, the peninsula now finds itself with a wealth of fabulous homes, most of which still can be purchased for prices well below similar homes in Europe, the United States or Canada. Founder Keith Heitke has identified this new market, and is the first to concentrate exclusively on these luxurious homes and properties. This phenomenon is also in part being fuelled by the growing popularity of the region. The Yucatán peninsula and Mérida are very vivible (vee-VEE-blay ­ "livable") ­ as the locals say. On this Web site you will find many luxurious and interesting homes in the Mérida area and throughout Yucatán. And once you are here, you will discover an existing and emerging modern infrastructure to assure a high quality and diverting living experience. Wherever you find your home, it will be situated within a beautiful tropical environment among friendly, well-educated and highly civilized people who regularly enjoy the theatre, symphony, movies and a variety of special events. Read on, and fall in love with Mérida and Yucatán as so many have already done.

For more than 300 hundred years, the Yucatán has been the destination of wealthy families from every continent, who came to the peninsula to protect their fortunes or to find them. Many fortunes were indeed built here, giving birth to an almost unbelievable number of mansions, estates and sprawling haciendas. These were designed in an eclectic blend of European and Mexican motifs, and reflect the artisanry and impeccable construction methods of an era when homes were truly built for the ages. Skilled craftsmen fashioned structures beautiful enough to rival their counterparts in New Orleans, Mexico City and Paris. During the last two decades, these magnificent estates and haciendas have been rediscovered by discerning international cognoscenti, and their renovations and restorations are creating a renaissance of style in the Yucatán.

At Hacienda, we work diligently to find, photograph and represent only the finest and most unique properties in the Yucatan. Whether stately 18th century haciendas surrounded by hennequen plantations, or magnificent town homes in the Yucatán capital of Mérida; from fully restored turn-key properties to those that beckon your own creative vision, we take the time to understand each property so that we can tell you as much as possible about it before you travel here.  The price of the home is not of concern to us, what is of concern is that it would be a home you could treasure and enjoy for years to come, whether large or small, in the middle of the city or in a quiet area outside.

And when you do come to the Yucatán, I will personally take care to ensure that your visit is both time enjoyed and time well spent.
– Keith Heitke


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